Advanced Amphibious Design Inc. has been in the amphibious vehicle design and manufacutruing business since 1998. We have taken a proven business and made it safe, reliable, and serviceable. We are recognized for our high quality and attention to detail. We understand that by offering the highest quality products while maintaining good corporate practices, we will be a strong partner to our customers and future customers for years to come. We realize that constant learning is the key to being a leader. Learning is what makes us better as a company and as individuals.

Our in-house production departments include: aluminum and galvanized steel fabrication and welding, wood joinery, painting and finishing, upholster and canvass making, mechanical/electrical rigging and installations, service and maintenance, engineering and design and administration. These complete in-house capabilities have allowed us to develop and add new innovative ideas and features into our products. We are also able to seamlessly incorporate our customers' requests and design details into their amphibious vehicles. With so much detail under one roof, our customers sense the strong presences of Work Pride.